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Welcome Note

Welcome! On this page you can find all information about the George Mason University Psi Chi organization, its goals and mission, as well as find information about what the George Mason University Chapter is up to! Enjoy, and GET INVOLVED!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Thanks for all that came out! We had a blast at the Burke Bowling Alley, where we enjoyed great food, awesome bowling and fantastic company! Here are some pictures from the event!

Be on the lookout for another social event this semester!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meet our Officers!

Welcome Back Everyone!

2012 is here and the Spring semester has started! Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun winter vacation!

Psi Chi would like to take a moment to talk a little about our current GMU Psi Chi Officers for the 2011-2012 year. As some of you may know, most of these positions will be open for the 2012-2013 school year, as the senior officers graduate. For those of you who are already
members, make sure to apply for one of these positions if you are interested! For those of you who would like to be a member of Psi Chi and will apply during this semester, feel free to express your interest for any of these positions on the application form!

Tina Rasulova was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and moved to the United States when she was ten years old. She is a senior and is currently studying a double degree program in Psychology and Philosophy with a minor in Physics. Upon graduation, she plans to attend Law School. She is looking to get into either Corporate Law, Patent Law or Intellectual Property Law.

As the President of Psi Chi GMU Chapter, she is responsible for coordinating meetings, making agendas and reservations for events. She also works very closely with the board members, delegating responsibilities when needed but also is always ready to listen to new suggestions and ideas as it is mostly a team effort. The president also serves as the official representative of Psi Chi within and outside of the George Mason Campus.

Sabrina Speights is a senior psychology major. She currently works as a Head Resident Adviser for the Office of Housing and Residence Life and enjoys planning programs and events for the residents of George Mason. Academically, Sabrina has completed an honors thesis evaluating perceptions of discrimination in the workplace. She is currently continuing that project and assisting with a different study to evaluate well-being at work.

As a returning executive board member and the Vice President of Psi chi, Sabrina works closely with the president and other members to plan and execute events to enhance the experience of psychology majors at George Mason. Specifically, she focuses on extending scholarly opportunities to the members of Psi Chi.

Kalkidan (Kali) Shebi

I was born and raised in Ethiopia but now I live in Arlington, VA. I am a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in conflict analysis & resolution with a concentration in interpersonal conflict. I want to pursue graduate school in Industrial Organizational Psychology/Human resource. I was inducted in Psi Chi spring of 2011. I am currently the secretary for Psi Chi. My role as the secretary entails taking notes on discussed topics during our meetings and checking/sending emails plus any other responsibilities that may come up depending on the need.

Hi all! My name is Christine Harchick and I am currently the treasurer of Psi Chi. Besides the obvious fact that I'm a Psyc major, I am also a senior and getting ready to graduate in the Spring. I have a minor in Tourism and Events Management and hope to one day be working at a university, in direct involvement with students. University Life/Students Affairs has so many dynamics, but I just love working with my peers. We are so excited to be planning lots of fun events for the Psyc department!

Dr. Hurley is the coordinator of the advising office for the undergraduate psychology program at George Mason University. He has been an administrative faculty member since joining the psychology department in 1993. Dr. Hurley also teaches in the undergraduate program, and has served as the faculty advisor for the GMU chapter of the Psi Chi honor society since 2004.

Dr. Hurley was the first recipient of George Mason University’s Academic Advisor of the Year award in 2005. He was also nominated for the university’s Faculty Member of the Year award in 1996 and the Teaching Excellence award in 2007.

Meet our Officers!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Diane Champe Presentation

Thank you so much for all those who attended the Diane Champe Presentation! Diane spoke of her experiences as a child with her sexually abusive father who took advantage of her body and mind. The tribulations that she had to face all the way into adulthood were eye-opening and informative.

If you would like to learn more about adult survivors of child abuse and neglect, please check out Diane's new book, Conquering Incest: My Life as a Trauma Survivor. (www. If you are not interested in purchasing the book, Psi Chi has donated a copy of Diane's book to the George Mason Fenwick Library.

More information and can be found on

Here are some photos from the event!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Diane Champe - Long Term Effects of Child Abuse: A Real Life Story





DATE: November 14, 2011

TIME: 4:30 PM

LOCATION: Meeting room B - 3rd floor of the Johnson Center

In her presentation, Ms. Champé shares her personal history as a victim of emotional, mental, physical and sexual child abuse during the first 21 years of her life. Ms. Champé was a former Strategic Planner on the Regional Vice President’s staff at a Fortune 20 company until the memories of her child abuse resurfaced causing her problems that resulted in being fired two years from retirement with no severance pay and no benefits. After 23 years of therapy and 5 hospitalizations, she has recovered and now dedicates her time to speaking out about child sexual abuse. Ms. Champé has given her presentation to notable professionals in the field of child abuse, legislators, and law enforcement officials. Ms. Champé has established the E Diane Champé Institute – a nonprofit to provide safe havens for adult survivors.




“Presented in such a professional manner, your speech was compelling and truly gripped everyone in the room. As you so aptly said, ‘homeland security begins in the home and we must fight domestic terrorists.’ Your speech is an effective weapon in that fight. We appreciate your support and your dedication to eliminating child abuse.”

Bootsie Humenansky

President – Washington Area Chapter Childhelp USA

Friday, September 16, 2011

Psi Chi Cookout

Come out to Providence Park Friday, September 23 at 12:30PM to enjoy food and fun with Psi Chi members and officers. We will talk about events, ideas, meeting times, and just hang out.

RSVP to PSICHIGMU@GMAIL.COM by Wednesday, September 21st.

See you all this Friday!!!

Directions to the Park:
1. From University Drive, turn right/north (toward I-66) on Ox Road (Route 123)

2. Drive approximately .40 miles on Ox Road to intersection with West Drive

3. Turn left on West Drive.

4. Drive approximately .40 miles on West Drive. West turns about 90 degrees to the left as you get closer to the park. West runs directly into the Providence Park parking lot.

5. The park pavilion/picnic shelter can be seen straight ahead when entering the parking lot.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What are the benefits of a Psi Chi membership?

The intrinsic value of membership is rewarding to the achiever in that recognition of excellence leads to self-fulfillment and thus to self-realization. By recognizing that what you do does make a difference, you are stimulated to higher productivity. Accomplishments are enjoyed more when shared with others. Furthermore, the contacts made through Psi Chi will be valuable throughout your educational and professional careers.

Concrete advantages of membership include:

  • The documents -- a membership certificate and card which give tangible evidence of membership.
  • The references provided throughout one's lifetime (this service alone is worth the investment).
  • The experience gained by working with Psi Chi is excellent for building up a resume; it is difficult to attain that first managerial and creative experience.
  • Psi Chi is a springboard for professional growth. Opportunities are made available to the members for promoting their research, receiving national and international recognition, meeting and interacting with leaders in their field, and meeting Psi Chi members of other chapters who also will be future leaders.
  • The United States government recognizes membership in Psi Chi as meeting one of the requirements for entrance at the GS-7 level in the Federal service.

Climaxing the benefits mentioned above is knowing that many individuals, by their caring, dedication, perseverance, and hard work, have made it possible to encourage young persons interested in psychology to strive for excellence -- to reach toward that attainable star.

Reprinted from the Psi Chi Chapter Handbook